Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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Why Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

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How long has it been since your office or business had its carpets professionally cleaned?

If it’s been over a year, you will want to hire a professional carpet cleaning company as soon as possible.

The Carpet & Rug Institute recommends deep carpet cleaning in homes once every 12-18 months and even more often if you own a storefront, office or restaurant.

In terms of carpet, rugs and upholstered furniture in businesses, it depends on the level of traffic and the type of use they get. If they get mild use, twice a year might suffice. But if they get heavier use, it’s recommended to have them cleaned every few months or even once a month.

Even if your commercial carpet doesn’t appear dirty, you still want to schedule a carpet cleaning service once a year in order to remove unseen, embedded dirt, contaminants and allergens from the carpet fibers. Is your carpet really that clean?

There are many benefits to hiring a Waukesha carpet cleaner that you will want to consider. This includes the appearance of the carpet, your long-term investment in the carpet and the health of your employees and customers.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Benefits

Embedded Dirt

As mentioned above, not all dirt is instantly recognizable on the surface of carpet. Some dirt is ground in and embedded deep within the carpet.

Dirt left deep within carpet fibers can cause permanent wear and tear and soiling that will become evident on the surface of the carpet over time.

If left unattended to, embedded dirt will ruin carpet to a point where it cannot return to its original condition, even with professional carpet care.

The cost of replacing commercial carpeting is much higher than commercial carpet cleaning. If you choose the best carpet cleaner you can be confident that your business’ carpet is in good hands and will retain its quality for longer than if you don’t professionally clean your carpet.

Be careful hiring carpet shampooers, steam cleaning services or using rental carpet cleaning machines. All of those carpet cleaning methods require excessive amounts of water, soap and sometimes harsh chemicals.

Too much water can saturate carpet and lead to mold and mildew growth. Soap is a magnet for dirt and if left behind will create a soapy residue that leads to increased soiling on the carpet surface and chemicals come with their own unique potential for permanent damage.

It’s worth investing in a drier, cleaner, healthier Waukesha carpet cleaning company, such as Chem-Dry, in order to protect your long-term carpet investment and guard against permanent damage.

Health Benefits

Professional carpet cleaners also make your office a safer, healthier place to be. Carpets, as well as area rugs and upholstered furniture, act as giant filters, trapping dust, pollen and other unhealthy particles and keep them out of the air we breathe.

Therefore, not only will the carpets in your business or office look cleaner and smell fresher, but commercial carpet cleaning will also improve the healthfulness of the overall environment, especially for any employees or visitors who suffer from allergies or asthma.

Commercial Carpet Maintenance

In combination with professional carpet cleaning, you will want to provide daily and weekly carpet care maintenance in order to keep your carpet looking great.

Consider placing doormats in front of all the entryways and exits in your storefront or office. Doormats are an excellent way to prevent dirt and contaminants from reaching your carpet as over 90% of dirt is brought in from outdoors, often from the bottom of someone’s shoes.

You will want to hire a professional cleaning service to vacuum your carpet on a daily or nightly basis. Vacuuming is the single most important task to maintain the quality of your carpet.

How to Choose a Service?

When you choose a commercial carpet cleaner in Waukesha, Waukesha and surrounding communities, avoid carpet shampooers and steam cleaning services. Both steam cleaners and carpet shampooers saturate carpet with water and tend to leave soap behind that leads to soiling.

Champion Chem-Dry uses 80% less water than steam cleaners and carpet shampooers and no soap or harsh chemicals. Our HCE system has been awarded The Carpet & Rug Institute Seal of Approval and is industry-recognized among the best carpet cleaning methods.

Champion Chem-Dry can handle the smallest local job to the large corporations correctly and on time. Here are some of the ideal business types for our commercial carpet cleaning service:

  • Offices and office buildings
  • Worker cubicles
  • Convention centers
  • Schools and classrooms
  • Theaters
  • Churches
  • Senior living facilities
  • Department stores
  • Retail stores
  • Doctor, dentist and other medical practitioner offices
  • Showrooms
  • Hotels, Motels
  • Restaurants

The Chem-Dry cleaning process combines green-certified cleaning solutions, in-depth training and world-class equipment to provide drier, cleaner and healthier carpet cleaning in Waukesha and the best results for your business.

For more information on our commercial carpet cleaning or to schedule an appointment with Champion Chem-Dry, call (262) 250-0900.